Hello, I am Gajanan Ghongde!

A Graphic Designer by profession, I am better know as a cartoonist in my hometown, Akola and the state to which it belongs- Maharashtra. Having Drawn Numerous cartoon that depict incidents, protests and crooked  people  that were published in numerous newspapers, magazines and journals for the last 24 years, I realized that this is a good medium to bring about social and cultural change for the better.

I have supported government campaigns for rural arbitration, save water, national integration, sanitation and hygiene through my cartoons that were extensively used to promote positive issues and have brought  about a change, especially at district level in Maharashtra.

Drawing cartoon has rewarded me amply. Apart from giving me immense personal satisfaction, many awards have been bestowed on me, one of which is the Maya Kamat Memorial Award for excellence in political cartoons-2011 by the Bangalore based Indian Institute of Cartoonists.

My personal favorite has been a series on Sachin Tendulkar,the famous cricketer, which was signature endorsed by him and I had gifted him one of the series. I have been consistently organizing cartoon competitions in Akola to keep the spirit of cartooning alive. In order to create greater interest, a slideshow presentation “Hasrya Resha” (Laughter lines) was developed and is being shown to interested people where I explain the importance of various lines drawn, in each slide. I have also conducted numerous cartoon workshops in the last 24 years.

Although it was difficult to sustain myself in Akola ,I resolved to stay back in order to contribute my might to ensure culture and sensitivity in the next generation which I see as becoming robotic money making machines.

Inculcation and developing affection and love toward arts is necessary to ensure civility in the society. A passion towards any art form is necessary for a person to enjoy his life.


Apart from drawing cartoons, I am a keen and passionate calligrapher and have conducted many workshops on Calligraphy too!

I also developed a stand-up comedy act-Gammat Jammat in Marathi and have performed over 70 shows in the last two years in various parts of Maharashtra. The inspiration came from ‘Dandhaar’an art festival begun by my ancestors and which continues today.

I am most happy to meet you in this gathering which has numerous artist and connoisseur of arts and I shall be happy to keep meeting you in order to keep our art forms alive and kicking !